General Liability

General liability is made up of three main coverages that help to protect you in case of an accident.

BODILY INJURY - If someone trips over your bag while you are working with a client, you can face a lawsuit or be held responsible for the resulting medical expenses. General liability can cover both the lawsuit and the medical expenses that result.

PROPERTY DAMAGE - If you spill water on your client's computer, disabling the computer and causing important customer data to be lost, you can be held responsible for its replacement. General liability can cover you for the loss.

PERSONAL INJURY - If you are speaking with someone else in your industry about a client in a false or unflattering way, the client may find out and sue you for slander. General liability can cover the cost of the lawsuit and pay for the attorney to defend you.

Professional Liability

Professional liability, often called errors and omissions, is built to protect anyone who is providing a service.

During the course of your services, you may make a mistake or fail to reach an acceptable standard with your final product. This can lead to a financial loss for your client or cause harm that can lead to a lawsuit. Professional liability can cover the defense costs associated with the proceedings as well as the cost to resolve the issue.

For instance, if a photographer accidentally destroys the photos taken at a wedding before they are given to the client, the client may sue for not receiving what they had been promised. Professional liability can cover this type of claim.

Liquor Liability

Liquor Liability is built to protect against losses resulting from the negligent selling, serving, or furnishing of alcohol.

If someone is drinking at your event and injures someone else while driving home, you could be held liable. The over-service of an attendee or consumption of alcohol by someone under the legal age can lead to a lawsuit. Liquor Liability can offer protection from a lawsuit against you and cover the legal costs associated with the proceedings.

Business Property

Business personal property coverage can cover the loss of your property that is used in connection to your business.

If the property is stolen or lost in a fire, it can be covered by business personal property insurance.

For instance, a yoga teacher who brings speakers to play music during a class can be covered if those speakers were stolen.

Data Security

Data security coverage can cover you if your computer is hacked and your client's data that you hold is stolen.

Most states require that you notify all of your clients if you are hacked while holding their information. In this case, you can be covered for the cost of notifying all your clients.

Coverage is based on the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of your policy. Be sure to read your policy to verify your coverage.

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